1. Shipping 

    Round 13 offers free shipping in the EU for orders over 90 euros. The delivery time of all orders will be between 6 and 9 business days. For orders under 90 euros, the shipping price may vary between 15 to 17 euros depending on the country where the delivery is requested.  


  2. Cancelations 

    The USER can cancel an order by writing an e-mail to pedidos@round13.org  only in case it has not been used. If the USER cancels an order within the conditions explained, Round 13 agrees to return the full amount of the order in the same way that the USER used to pay for their purchase. Depending on the country, returns made from cancelations may incur an additional cost. 


  3. Returns 

    Similarly, the USER can request a return or a return of a product when it is defective and has a manufacturing error, as long as it is requested within the first 3 weeks of having made the purchase. In this case, the User has the option of: (i) Receiving the full amount of the order or (ii) Receiving a replacement of the defective product at no additional cost.  


  4. Customer service  

    Service We have customer service can any kind of questions. Call us Monday through Friday 9: 30-14: 00h and 17: 00-20: 30h. to +34 616534468 Or write to us at any time at: pedidos@round13.org.