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Featured boxers

Boxing has been a platform for me and my kids. You can say boxing change my life completely. I was not like this before, I did not have friends like the ones I have now. 



Kawooya Ali

Record 13-0

National Champion

Yiiga Aaron

Record 15-0

National Champion

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Make a contribution to support Sparks Bombers. Your donation will be used to help the school and its students in the form of sports equipment, academic scholarship and medical support.


Host Families

The best way to experience Ugandan culture. Stay with a family that will make you feel at home. Includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. In case of needing transportation, volunteers should use a “Matatu” (local transport, a van with 14 seats), with the help of the Round 13 team.

Price clarification:

Extra expenses (not included): trips to restaurants, bars, tourist activities (safaris, rapids, parks, etc.), transportation, laundry, travel insurance, Visa and vaccinations (required for a visa).

Duration – Price ()

1 week        |    400
2 weeks      |    700
3 weeks      |    950
4 weeks      |    1,150
5 weeks      |    1,350
6 weeks      |    1,550
8 weeks      |    1,950
10 weeks    |    2,350

*Does not Include VAT

Why host families?

We believe that in order to have a truly enriching experience, volunteers should stay with a family in the community they help. In this way the volunteers acquire a sense of the impact their work has. It usually accommodates 1 to 3 volunteers per host family.

what are the houses like?

All our host families have a series of minimum requirements – potable water, electricity at all times, modern showers and toilets, own room and safe surroundings.

Where are the host families located?

Our host families are located in the communities where the volunteering takes place. This is done mainly for the convenience of volunteering and to avoid the use of taxis. In a few cases the use of public transport is necessary.