R13 against Covid-19


KO to starvation

Help us in our fight against Covid-19 and its aftermath on African communities. 

We fight for positive change through boxing, but above all, we fight to improve the future of our students. We believe boxing has the potential to make a significant change in the lives of our boys, however, there are situations where sports become something secondary. And this is one of them. 

Due to the preventive measures for Covid-19, many of our boxing students and their families are left without means to support themselves. This has caused relevant issues with their diet. Currently, 61% of our students eat once a day, while 29% eat once every other day. 

With your help we can provide food to our students and them beyond the ring. With just a 1€ we can provide 3 meals for champions and their families. 


Bizum / Paypal: You can send your donation to +34 616534468 in bizum or via PayPal to the following account: esanchez@round13.org

Bank Transfer:

Round S.L
0049 3002 51 2714723636
Iban: ES7600493002512714723636
Bank: Santander
Country: Spain

Our web: To send your donation online click on the following link: 

How am I helping?

Your donation has a great impact on the lives of various families who are facing a difficult situation.

Specifically, through your contribution we can buy and distribute food for various families in Ugandan communities. 

How much do I have to donate?

Anything you want! You can help us with 1€ up to anything you want to contribute with. 

Who will receive my donations?

All money raised will be destined to kids and families registered to R13 programs. Currently we count with 568 students between 7 and 28 years old, in different communities throughout Uganda. 

Who can I contact for more information?

For any query please write us and email to: hola@round13.org or give us a call! (+34 616534468).


All contributions will be used to provide food for our boxing students, meet our academies: 

Lubugumu Sports Club

Community: Lubugumu Country: Uganda

aggery boxing academy

Community: Zana
Country: Uganda


Community: Zana
Country: Uganda


Community: Kampala
Country: Uganda