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Be part of our corner


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With your collaboration we can support our champions beyond the boxing ring. We seek to solve  problems that our students face day to day, Our objetive is to support our boxers and empower them with the necessary tools to have a more opportunities in future. Your donations will be destined to one of our three support programs:

Boxing: This program has two main objectives: 1) Create boxing schools in needed areas.           2) support our boxers and boxing schools in Africa with boxing equipment to ensure adequate training conditions.  The donations destined to this program are used for giving our schools sports equipment (Gloves, headgear, mouthguards, bags, sports shoes, etc.) In addition, this program also aids our most experienced boxers with the expenses they might have with international competitions.

Education: Through this program we offer academic support to our boxers. The donations of this program are used to finance scholarship and academic material for our students.

Healthcare: Program aimed to support our boxers with medical emergencies they cannot cover by themselves. 

How am I helping?

Your contribution can have a significant impact in the lives of various children and teenagers in danger of social exclusion. Through your donations we do not only provide  an opportunity to practice boxing but also an alternative to bad habits, a vehicle for personal growth and an opportunity for a better future.

Specifically, your donations will be destined to support boxing students adhered to Round 13. Currently we count with more than 512 boys and girls aged 7 to 23 years old living in communities affected by crime and poverty in Uganda. For more information on our beneficiaries scroll down. 

How much do I have to donate?
Los donativos puedes ser realizados de forma única o periódica. No tenemos una cantidad mínima o máxima, puedes elegir la cantidad que mejor te acomode.
How are my donations used?

Your donation will be used to help children and teenagers in boxing schools adhered to Round 13 though one of our three support programs (Boxing, academics and healthcare). The objective of our donations program is to solve issues that jeopardize our students’ training, academic performance or health and limit their opportunities in the long term. In order to find long term solutions to these problems we group several donations and destined them to one particular cause. Whether it is through academic scholarships, medical treatment or supporting a boxer with equipment for his next fight, your donation will be used to improve the life of children in Uganda. 

Who am I helping with my donation?

All funds will be destined to boxers training in academies registered to Round 13. Currently we count with 6 schools in Uganda.

Who can I contact for more info?

If you have more questions or want to know more about the donations program write us to


Meet our champions! 

Lubugumu Sports Club

Community: Lubugumu    Country: Uganda

aggery boxing academy

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Community: Zana Country: Uganda


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